Governments using/adopting futures/foresight models

What does it look like when an entire government or a large government agency commits to a futures lens?  This is a scan I recently produced.    It is an “in process” list.  Exploring them greatly sparks creativity and curiosity about how groups are challenging current assumptions about the present and exploring the tools to inform more desirable futures.  (Revised July 2020)



Sweden and the Ministry of the Future

Wales and the Future Generations Act

Scotland’s Futures Forum

United Kingdom

Canada 2030C

New Zealand


South Africa


European Policy Lab Project – Future 2030

U.S. Federal Foresight Community of Interest

U.S. Army Futures Command

United Nations/UNESCO

Proposal for a US Department of the Future (from 2016)

Speculative Fictions:  Imagining forms of government in the future

Institute for the Future: Governance Futures Lab

Special Edition of World Futures Review dedicated to the future of government

Forecast:  Future of Government (Deloitte report)


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