Jobs of the Future

There is a huge literature and tremendous public discourse about the future of work. Here’s a few resources that can help you get a sense of what is out there. As social workers – we have two dual tracks of inquiry: 1) How will this future of work impact vulnerable communities, and 2) How will the future of work change the actual practice of social work? Here’s a bunch of interesting “jobs of the future” that I’ve collected – several might directly, and a few others, indirectly – be places where social workers might find themselves. Collecting these stretches my thinking about how much has changed and how quickly. Just to get your brain warmed up…here’s a few jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago…

Popular jobs today that didn’t exist 10 years ago:

  • App developer
  • Social media director
  • Uber driver
  • Drone operator
  • User experience designers
  • Airbnb host
  • Cryptocurrency manager
  • Influencers/evangelist
  • Genetic counselors
  • Big data scientist
  • Cloud services specialist
  • Chief listening officer
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Podcast producer
  • Search engine optimization analysts
  • Content moderator
  • Virtual assistant
  • Telemedicine health specialist
  • Sustainability director

Public Interest Technologist

Jobs of the Future…!

Nuclear Fusion Energy Sales

Robot Paramedic

Quantum Computer Programmer

Virtual Reality Spotter

Ultra-Exotic Destination Travel Agent

Professional Luddite/Digital Detox Services

Here’s where these came from!

Chief Productivity Officer

Excess Capacity Broker

Drone Manager

Private Industry Air Traffic Control

Medical Mentor

Self-Driving Car Mechanic

Autonomous Transportation Specialist

Personal Medical Interpreter

Human-Technology Integration Specialist

Wholeness Mentor (think life coach but more so)

End of Life Coach

Here’s where these came from.

Commercial Space Pilot

AI Lawyer

3-D Food Printer Engineer

Augmented Reality Architect

Dismantlers (talent that relates to ending industries at the end of their life cycle/or in profound disruption) – mentioned in this list:  prison system, hospital and healthcare, income tax system, government agency, education system, college and university, airport security, airport customs

Atmospheric Water Harvesters (and other technological approaches to weather management)

Global Data Integration Specialist

Sharing Economists

Future Sports Specialists

Sensor Anthropologists

3-D Printing Specialists (body parts, houses, and much more)

Personal and Global Internet of Things Integration Specialists

Energy Transition Specialists (as the national electric grid breaks down)

Bio-factory Doctors, Strategists and Developers

Micro-College Specialists

Bio-meat Factory Engineers

Extinction Revivalists (people who revive extinct animals)

Robotic Earthworm Drivers

Avatar Designers

Trend Forecast-Palooza – January 2019

Like you – my inbox is chock-FULL of forecasts and future facing “quick read” articles about all kinds of topics. I gathered a bunch of them together for your perusal. Some are silly – some are serious. Most centrally – I’m thinking about how the sum total of these trends will impact vulnerable people, changes power dynamics, or introduces new issues that will cause unintended consequences.

I think these are more interesting to look at and think about TOGETHER than individually…I think there is more value in them as a collection. Of course predicting the future is impossible…but making sense of what lots of information seems to communicate together becomes a little more interesting. What direction might things move and what suggests this? This is just a sample of what I saw go by this week and I’m thinking about what they might suggest.

Part of what I learned in the forecast training is to look for patterns in information – “signals”- as there likely won’t be flashing arrows saying “future this way…”

Futurists look at trend information (often in much more deeply robust way than the “light” list below – and often going deeper in one particular area) and then facilitate meaningful dialogue to help build group intelligence and insight about what sense might be made of what is happening.

But a quick scan can give you a flavor of the experience. Combinations of possible futures can be interesting to imagine – how will the future of medicine intersect with any one or several of these issues below? See what you think – have fun! Share your thoughts!

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