Some Favorite Futures Voices

Here’s an ever-evolving list of brief talks by some of my favorite futures voices! Enjoy!

Black Freedom Beyond Borders: Memories of Abolition Day (2020)

Sohail Inayatullah – Causal layered analysis, futures thinking and a post-covid 19 world (2020)

Ruja Benjamin – From park bench to lab bench. What kind of future are we designing? (2015)

Ruha Benjamin – The new Jim Code: Race, carceral technoscience, and liberatory imagination (2019)

Yuval Noah Harari – 21 Issues facing the 21st century (2019)

Sonia Livingstone – Parenting in a digital age (2019)

Thomas Hubl – The trauma of technology (2018)

Jamais Cascio – Magna cortica: The ethics of brain augmenation (2014)

Douglass Rushkoff – How to be “Team Human” in the digital age (2018)

Bryony Cole – The future of sex (2019)

Amber Case – Cyborg anthropology and why it maters (2014)

Jane McGonigal – Gaming can make a better world (2010)

Aryana Elizabeth Johnson – How to use the ocean without using it up (2019)

Joy Buolamwini – Algorithmic Justice League (2018)

Anab Jain – Why we need to imagine different futures (2017)

Peter Diamandis – Imagining the future: The transformation of humanity (2017)

Walida Imarisha – Living the legacy: Afrofuturism & possibilities for Oregon (2018)

Nnedi Okorafor – Sci Fi stories that imagine a different Africa (2017)

Nicolas Negroponte – A 30-year history of the future (2014)

Michael Bennett, Ytasha Womack, Wale Oyedije, and Aisha Harris – Afrofuturism: Imagining the future of Black identity (2015)

Greta Thunberg, Youth climate activist and the global youth movement leader. (2018)

Marina Gorbis – The history and future of work (2015)

Octavia Butler – Why you should read the Afrofuturist legend Octavia Butler

Bettina Warburg – How the blockchain will radically transform the economy (2016)

UNESCO/Riel Miller – How to build “Futures Literacy” (2018). This author has a book called Transforming the Future which is available free online here.

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Resource Page for Laura Nissen’s President’s Lecture at the Society for Social Work Research Conference, Saturday, January 14, 2023

This page is devoted to sharing resources presented and/or mentioned at Laura Nissen’s President’s Lecture at the Society for Social Work Research Conference on January 14, 2023. Please follow here and at for additional ways to get involved in the coming months as the “next generation” of the lab opens to the wider social…

Lessons from Difficult History and Critiques in Social Work

In foresight practice, history is held with the greatest regard – in fact no ethical or credible foresight is really possible without consideration of the forces, patterns and ingredients of “how we got here.” To be a futurist or foresight practitioner, is to be a devoted student of history as well as whatever is ahead.…


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