Artificial Intelligence Ideas and Social Work

It is clear that any read of issues of “the future” centers artificial intelligence as a major driver of what is to come. There is a great deal of information out there on this subject. Every profession will likely find themselves impacted by these rapidly changing and expanding technologies – and social work will be no exception. Whether we are directly involved in utilizing these technologies for social good, or addressing social problems that intersect with these tools (and the displacement/or additional social problems they may create), I believe social workers need to learn as much as they can about the power and challenges of these emerging technologies.

AI is and will continue to change the world – social workers must decide for ourselves how best to ethically engage with it as it happens. This curated list is a starting point for social work to learn the lay of the land. This is a HUGE area – so I’m dividing this up into a number of sections.

Fundamentals – what is artificial intelligence?

Here’s the 8 types of artificial intelligence and what you should know about them (2018)

What is artificial intelligence? (2018)

Today’s deep learning “AI” is machine learning not magic (2018)

The non-technical guide to AI (2016)

The jobs AI will create (2017)

Bias in AI

Why AI needs to reflect society (2018)

Racial and gender bias in AI (2017)

Discriminating algorhithms: 5 times AI showed prejudice (2018)

Artificial intelligence has a bias problem (2018)

Using AI for Social Good

Applying AI for social good (2018)

Google using AI for social good guide

AI for Social Good (2017)

Dangers/Concerns of AI

Is AI dangerous? 6 AI risks everyone should know about (2018)

Don’t be afraid of AI (2018)

Limitations of AI

Greedy, brittle, opaque and shallow: The downsides to deep learning (2018)

The real world potential and limitations of AI (2018)

AI and Human Services

AI-augmented human services (2017)

USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work AI Program

All of us in social work need to give the folks at USC Suzanne Dworack-Peck School of Social Work a true bow of respect for the groundbreaking work that they have been doing on this topic INSIDE social work educational and research settings.

Overview of USC AI fellows program

Betting on artificial intelligence to help humanity

USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society

Artificial intelligence and social work (book – 2018)


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