Ideas for Futures Reading January 2019

Friends have asked so I’ll start sharing some titles! Here’s what I’m reading:

Aoun, J.E. (2017) Robot proof: Higher education in the age of artificial intelligence. Boston, MA: MIT Press. Here’s a review.

Eubanks, V. (2018). Automating inequality: How high-tech tools automate, police and punish the poor. New York: St. Martin’s Press. Here’s a review.

Harari, Y.N. (2018). 21 lessons for the 21st century. New York: Spiegel and Grau. Here’s a review.

Harris, T. (2018). Future good: How to use futurism to save the world. Minneapolis, MN: Wise Ink Publishing. (No review available – but here’s the author’s blog.)

Rushkoff, D. (2019) Team human. New York: WW Norton & Company. (Review not available – but here’s his website.)

Susskind, R. & Susskind, D. (2016) The future of professions: How technology will transform the work of human experts. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Here’s a review.

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