Social Work Futures: A Call to Action

I’ve been working on a brief statement about my work – and why I think it is so vital (and exciting) for social work to consider at least a review of, if not integration of, futures frameworks in our practice. This blog has been a place to gather the thinking and perspectives of a lot of folks who are doing work in this space. Gradually, I’m going to begin shifting to sharing some of my own original writing as I start to find and use my own “social work futures voice.”

I’m seeking out comments about what I’ve put together – check it out here. Please share your thoughts. Is a futures lens needed in social work? I think so…what about you?


  1. Hi! Consider changing your google doc settings to “anyone with a link can comment” and then it will be easier to leave specific feedback there. This is under the “share” settings. 🙂


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