Afrofuturism – Essential Resources for Social Work and Beyond

(Image by John Jennings.)

Thought I would take the opportunity to pull various resources I’ve previously linked to on this blog on the topic of Afrofuturism together to amplify how important, creative and relevant this movement is to futures work. I would suggest that social work could benefit enormously by exploring how these emerging scholarly, artistic and literary resources might enhance social work education. Let’s imagine new ways of learning about culture, history, voices, power and what is possible for the future.

Afrofuturism –A movement in literature, music, art, etc., featuring futuristic or science fiction themes which incorporate elements of black history and culture.  Oxford Dictionaries

Afrofuturism (Wickipedia)

Afrofuturism (Oxford Bibliographies – includes more academic citations) 2017

What the heck is Afrofuturism? (2018)

Octavia’s Brood

St. Louis Afrofuturism (2019)

A beginning guide to Afrofuturism: 9 titles to watch and read (2019)

Afrofuturism – A language of rebellion (2018)

Afrofuturism course overviews from Kalamazoo College, University of California Riverside, Duke University, andUniversity of Chicago

This American Life episode exploring Afrofuturism (2017). (Thanks Dr. Felicia Murray!).


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