Recent Ideas from Twitter – Social Work Futures – May 14 , 2019

The NHS and Artificial Intelligence

How will artificial intelligence transform the work of the UK’s National Health Service? Lots of implications for the future of all professional helpers – physical and behavioral health. This piece has some ideas.

Tech and Social Good

There is a lot of discourse about how tech contributes to a variety of social challenges – but what are examples of ways it could contribute to making things better in our world? Here’s a short article with contributors from around the world who are doing exactly that. It challenges us as social workers to imagine, track, and evaluate how these ideas might and might not work for us.

US vs. China in the Tech Race

Reading this article made me reflect more on the book “The Big Nine” by Amy Webb which I reviewed in this blog a couple of weeks ago. What is the US plan for how technology will strengthen our national capacity to succeed in new ways, strengthen democracy and promote economic well-being among our communities? This article suggests we don’t have much of one…particularly when contrasting with China’s multi-decade (even multi-generational) tech plan. It’s a good brief discussion of how, why and when (NOW) we need to advance our collective thinking about how to better prepare ourselves and our country for technology’s next chapter.

A 3D Printed Neighborhood?

Want to stretch your thinking about how to solve the affordable housing crisis in the US and beyond? What if we printed enough for all? Here’s a short piece that imagines that possibility.

How to Revive Your Belief in Democracy?

I have to admit…I wasn’t sure about this TED talk but it got to me. Eric Liu is a “civic evangelist” and is definitely on a mission to strengthen communities through connection and civic renewal. If we believe that a healthy democracy is at the heart of a future we want, this is an inspiring short talk.

How to Think Better About the Future

Here’s a great short piece that covers the fundamentals of futures thinking, foresight and the importance of learning to get comfortable with discomfort to prepare for whatever comes next.

What is the Anthropocene and Why Does It Matter?

In short, it refers to a new era where humanity has impacted the earth’s storyline in an irreversible way. While it doesn’t suggest we are defeated…those who seek to name this “new” period in the earth’s life cycle, alert us to the very real risks and dangers this new phase involves.

The EU’s New Guidelines on Ethical AI

New guidelines (and internationally noteworthy) guidelines are out. Debates and evolution will likely continue – but these are interesting and instructive.

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