Future of Work Round Up 2019

As we prepare to head towards the end of 2019, and gearing up for a couple of big projects related to this topic, I wanted to do a round up of various things I’ve collected on the future of work. Thought I’d share them for followers in case you’d like to explore in a more comprehensive format!

General Reports and Future of Work Overviews

Five ways work will change in the future (2019)

Trends 2019:  The future of work and the shape of future skills (2019)

Skills change, but capabilities endure (2019)

Global Commission for the Future of Work report (2019)

The future of work – OECD Employment outlook (2019)

Racial differences on the future of work (2019)

Women and the future of work (2019)

The future of work for women (2019)

Aspen institute future of work policy agenda (2019)

World Economic Forum – 4 scenarios for what work will look like in 2030 (2018)

World Economic Forum on the future of jobs (2018)

Automation and the future of the African American workforce (2018)

Eight scenarios for the future of work from the World Economic Forum. (2018)

The real future of work (2018)

Seven forces that will change the way you work (2018)

Pew Research – the future of jobs and job training (2017)

Technology, jobs and the future of work (2017)

Job Loss

We need a reskilling revolution (2019)

32 million working class workers risk being left behind by the future of work (2019)

The robots are not coming for your job – management is (2019)

Mounting a response to technological unemployment (2018)

The case for the humanities as an educational protection against job loss (2018)

The question isn’t whether AI will take our jobs…. (2018)

Is a robot coming for your job?  (2018)

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