The Future of Organizations and Work

Image and Framework from NASA, 2018

There has been a lot of focus and dialogue in the last few years about the “future of work,” which is an important and fascinating area of inquiry. Less has been written about what all of this means about the future of organizations as we know them.

That said, there is valuable information about – I’ve tried to gather up a sample to explore. I believe that all of this will be part of the future of work transition – and impact folks in every sector of public and private organizational life.

John Hagel on the future of work (2019) – this speaker does a masterful job of intersecting the future of work with the work organizations need to do to get ready.

Recent Deloitte report by the author above on the question: What is work? (2019)

A design for workforce equity (in a changing world) (2019)

Institute for the Future’s Beyond Organizations map and information about the future of getting things done (2018)

The evolution of work: New realities facing today’s leaders (2018)

Responsive Organizations (manifesto for organizations of the future in unpredictable times)

The future of work is here – here’s how your organization needs to change (2018)

Four trends facing the future of organizations and organizational development (2017)

The organization of the future: Arriving now (2017)

The past and future of global organizations (2014)

For some basic “Future of Work” resources – see below. Also check out my review of the fine book “The Future of the Professions” here.

State of California’s Future of Work Commission – multiple real time resources here (these meetings are happening right now and lots of great resources are emerging).

World Economic Forum – extensive resources on the future of work here.

The future of work: A Vice news special report (1-hour complete documentary)(2019)

The future of work in America: People and places, today and tomorrow (2019)

What is the future of work, workforces and workplaces (2019)

The digital ready worker (2019)

How business can build a future of work that works for women (2019)

AI forces shaping work and learning in 2030 – Institute for the Future (2018)

Inequality and the future of work (2018)

Note: Additional information available here from a recent post on other resources on this topic!! Here’s another post from this past year on “jobs of the future” from the silly to the sublime!

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