A Future of Reproductive Justice: Resources for Teaching, Learning and Action

The future I will be working on includes reproductive freedom for all. This is (another) rallying moment for the profession of social work. Yet sadly, I don’t see enough dialogue, planning and learning together about what comes next for us…how the profession will play a role in assuring this basic human right. Because to accomplish the future we want, we all need to jump in and do what we can from wherever we are, I pulled a list of signals, articles, and organizations to learn from, use, and work with. As with all aspects of social change work, it is essential to be aware of the potential of white/straight persons to dominate the discourse. Effort was made to be as mindful of this as possible in this resource list and seek out diverse voices to inform actions moving forward. This will be a rapidly changing and developing list. Here’s the resources (developed at my home base of Portland State University, School of Social Work). Use them for good things. Any additional contributions/ideas or resources are welcomed. Interestingly, I haven’t found any examples of foresight being used regarding reproductive justice.

How Chicagoans Can Support Reproductive Justice RIGHT NOW – Transformative  Spaces

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