Six New Social Work Jobs of the Future! Let’s Play!!

Last July, I launched the Social Work Jobs of the Future game! This game uses futures thinking to imagine what the future of our profession may look like and what social workers may do on a daily basis. It evokes “scenarios” that imagine different worlds where our work occurs – some of them might be scenarios we very much want, and others – scenarios we worry about and actively work against. It also includes signals about change that I find in the world informing (and expanding) this thinking. Many of the job ideas have been developed by me…but others have been developed by my students and by readers (identified as such when outside authors contribute). The goal is always to anticipate more actively, stretch our perceptions of what is and isn’t possible, and ultimately, gain more clarity about the worlds we most want – and how to make better decisions today based on all of that. It may be true that some of the jobs may at first sound strange or even preposterous…that’s OK. Many of the best ideas about the future shake up our sense of what is possible in valuable ways…THAT is part of the foresight process!!! Here’s the six new Social Work Jobs of the Future ideas…hope you’ll find them thought provoking…and that you’ll play along and contribute as well!!! You can go directly to the new (and previous) jobs at this link! Check them out.

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