Resource Page for Laura Nissen’s President’s Lecture at the Society for Social Work Research Conference, Saturday, January 14, 2023

This page is devoted to sharing resources presented and/or mentioned at Laura Nissen’s President’s Lecture at the Society for Social Work Research Conference on January 14, 2023.

Please follow here and at for additional ways to get involved in the coming months as the “next generation” of the lab opens to the wider social work community for engagement and co-learning!

(Follow Laura at @lauranissen on Twitter for as long as it is still there!!)

Post-Normality and Social Work: A Call to Complexity – Presentation slides

Final report for the Social Work Health Futures Lab (2020-2022)

Additional Resources Discussed

Anticipatory Social Work – Definitions

Influencing the Future of Social Work – Multiple Focal Points

How Might Social Work Be Different in the Future?

Understanding Deepening Levels of Critical and Participatory Foresight

List of governments around the world (and the UN) that use foresight


What does it actually mean to decolonize the future?

Is Social Work a profession? A history of our shared journey

Lessons from difficult history and critiques in social work: Implications for the future

Futures Fun

Emerging words from the future

Social Work Jobs of the Future

Institute for the Future

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