Happy Social Work Month from me and Chat GPT!

I decided to invite Chat GPT to co-write a celebratory remark about “Social Work Month.” It took a couple of rounds to get it where I wanted to go…but here’s the results! (I honestly was just curious what it would produce…!!). Screen shots so you can have the “full experience!” It was fascinating to see how it grabbed the prompt and what it chose to include. How do you think it did?


  1. Thanks for sharing a relevant example. What is the website to use Chat GPT.. I want to try it?

    [Washington State University logo of a Cougar head made up of the letters W, S, and U]
    Strengthening Families Program • Diabetes Prevention Program
    WSU Whatcom County Extension
    Email: kate.foster@wsu.edukate.foster@wsu.edu
    Office: (360) 778-5832
    Gratefully Living and Working on the unceded traditional territory of the Coast Salish Peoples
    Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local Extension office.


  2. I have an account with chat GPT as well and I began using it to see what type of clinical template notes I can make for certain situation and this thing is spot on even better than when I could write this is definitely a game changer in the clinical field as you can get notes done quicker and change out specific situation and behavior tailored to the client and have a well polished note.


    1. There are some people working on this kind of thing and it is really intriguing. I do have lingering worries that bias issues might advantage some/disadvantage others (racial bias being the most prominent) and how serious this could be if it somehow got hardwired into clinical notes which then become legal documents and could be used against someone. So a lot to think about and work through. Pretty sure its not “ready for prime time” in terms of our work…but it is worth exploring. We WANT and NEED tools that can lighten our load…we just have to make sure they are fair in every dimension…right?


      1. Yes, I work in the non medical counseling and domestic violence in the military so our notes get redacted by JAG if they get FOIA.

        I agree about bias I am reading a book I borrowed at my library by Henry Kissinger called The age of AI and our human future. That’s how I learned about open AI along and other helpful sources Podcastle” and “Lumen5”.
        I believe social work has a space for discussion of ethics with AI and clients.


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