Chat GPT – Primer for Social Work

Note: It has come to my attention that some folks aren’t able to link into the presentation below if accessing through another website/portal. If you aren’t able to access, I recommend going directly to and simply clicking on this link directly. There is something “amiss” in the connection between programs that isn’t fixable on my end. Thanks!

In the past few weeks, I’ve (like many of you) been both experimenting with and being asked to comment about Chat GPT. Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation/brief workshop session – so thought I’d just share my resources for that here as well. This is an incredibly important space for us to continue exploring and thinking about. The focus here is primarily oriented to social work faculty and scholars – but implications are broad beyond that as well. 

Important note: If you’re hoping for an easy answer like “It’s good” or “It’s bad” – that isn’t possible. This set of tools (generative AI) has incredible potential AND incredible risks. We’re all part of the same experiment. Eyes best wide open as we figure it out together.

After the presentation – we’ll be engaging in some foresight play/learning using the futures triangle to help discern where the group feels like the most important to focus as we navigate “what comes next” for this important set of tools. 

Here’s a link to the presentation.

Here’s my ever evolving list of favorite resources on this topic.

Love to hear your ideas, experiences and observations as well! 

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