New Words in Futuring – Emerging Vocabulary for Social Workers #5

This is a recurring series of posts to share round-ups of terms I hear that are directly from futures practice, or reflect new trends for those of interested in what is coming next. Here are previous posts (scroll down for all 3 previous posts) – #1, #2, #3 and #4.

Esports – fast growing sector of gaming. Some think it will rival traditional athletics and absorb attention, revenue and global enthusiasm.

Green energy – Most probably – you already “know” this term, but since it is turning up a lot in the media (a good thing) with increasing interest and use, it might be a good opportunity to refresh yourself on the basics. It really is more than solar – good overview here.

Proceleration – the acceleration of acceleration.

Quantum Communication – ultra secure computer networks that could form the basis of a quantum internet.

Reference rot – the thing that happens when digital links expire/change. Particularly troubling for the future of academic pursuits.

Terminology – yes you know the word, but do you know what it means with regard to the future of technology (and in particular – the internet of things)? Terminology refers to multiple, interconnected digital languages that will provide the map, as well as the highway, of how things communicate digitally.

Xenodesign – what is beyond “human centered design” and what are the limits to thinking that the best approaches keep humans at the center? Emerging ideas in this space.

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