Considering and Celebrating Diverse Queer Futures

How do we build a future with a liberatory lens embracing gender and gender identity? Building upon and with great respect for the queer justice movements in the past and present, I’ve gathered some preliminary thinking related to this issue for us to consider as part of this proposition. A review of these ideas reveals multiple and not always intersecting perspectives among these authors (and among other scholars working in this space). This is a rich area sure to continue to develop in the years to come. How do we come together to queer the future in brave and creative ways? These authors, activists and artists are leading the way (and have been doing so for some time). Let’s learn from them in our broader social work practice as we consider the best ways to think about and prepare for futures that are affirming for all. Queer science fiction is highlighted and the end of this post. Will add things as I find them!

Need a primer on gender issues? The New York Commission on Human Rights just produced a beautiful overview of gender. Check out this wonderful little film with a big heart.

Gucci’s “The Future is Fluid” makes a powerful statement about the dangers of gender norms (2019)

**From the above link…be sure to see the actual short film described. It is beautiful. You can also reach it here.

The Queer Futures Collective – We are a radically vulnerable and trans centered multimedia knowledge hub/activist laboratory exploring the intersections of disability studies, feminist technoscience, queer arts, transformative pedagogies, and spiritual activisms in practices of Future Making.

These feminist artists are imagining a world without gender and its beautiful (2016)

Everyday Sociology Blog – The future of gender (2018)

The gender-fluid generation: Young people on being male, female and nonbinary (2016)

What will gay culture look like in 2035? LGBTQ activists and writers weigh in(2015)

The future is gender neutral design (2019)

Post-genderism: Beyond the binary (2008)

The future of gender (2014)

These two artists are imagining a black, queer future (2015)

Workplaces needed to prepare for the nonbinary future (2018)

Cyborgs, robots, artificial intelligence and the future of gender (2014)

The future is not female: Its two-spirit, queer and nonbinary (2017)

The new gender fluid reality. Are you ready? Is your company? (2018)

Meanwhile in the future, no one cares about your gender (2015)

Medium – Gender 2.0 (a collection of articles about gender – many of which reflect themes/issues of the future of gender)

Queer futures: Reconsidering ethics, activism and the political

Queer futures in anthropology (2015)

Reference – you might be interested in this post from Slate (2014) on all the new FB categories of gender (all 56 of them!).

Also – Queer Science Fiction!

Octavia Butler: A visionary among futurists (2018)

Science fiction needs to reflect that the future is queer (2014)

5 Science fiction and fantasy women of color to read after Octavia Butler (2017)

Review of “Love beyond space and time” (2017) (Thank you Antonia Alvarez!!)

Review of “Meanwhile, elsewhere” and its unapologetic centering of trans people in science fiction (2017)

9 Influential LGBTQ science fiction and fantasy authors (2019)

19 Best LGBTQ science fiction books

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